Featuring the world's first ever-evolving

Augmented Reality Artwork

When you download the accompanying RJ Thompson IOS and Android app (for either phone or tablet) and view the artwork and inside pages, you unlock an ever-changing, evolving world of bonus content, including a front cover that changes with the time of day, year and even weather! E.g. If it's night time and raining in your town, the artwork will be set on a rainy night!

You'll also find icons dotted throughout the artwork that trigger other bonus experiences, including exclusive making of videos and demo versions of the tracks. The bonus content also evolves over time, meaning that this record has a vast and varied "lifeline".

The Triple Vinyl format features the full expansive experience, whereas the CD and Cassette feature scaled down versions, with their own unique elements. All 3 formats are limited edition collector items.

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“The town was alive with spiralling lights” sings RJ Thompson on the opening line of new album Lifeline. An expertly crafted exploration of his childhood and mental health, the album fuses classic songwriting of old with electronic synth laden grandeur.

Described as “synth Springsteen”, the album is full of heart, poignant universal themes and a message of hope in troubled times.

Featuring the brilliant new 14-track album, plus 8 piano versions, 7 remixes and a bonus track*, every physical format of the album is a limited deluxe edition. All tracks were produced by RJ Thompson and Adam Sinclair, and mixed by the legendary, and Grammy winning, mix engineer Michael Brauer.

* Vinyl and CD contain all 30 tracks, whereas the cassette, due to it's size limit, features the album and piano versions, with the remixes available on an accompanying download card.

Pre-Order Now - Limited Edition

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What the press say...

"One to watch"  -‐ The Times

 “Retro synths glimmer into life, swiftly accompanied by a textured indie-pop production, and raw, pleading vocals. But it’s the heartbreaking lyricism that gets you ”Wonderland Magazine

 “A rousing, powerful piece of songwriting” - Clash Magazine

“Prolific…”  -- The Guardian