Lifeline (Deluxe Edition) - Cassette with AR Experience


Everyone who pre-orders a copy of Lifeline before the end of September will be entered into a competition to win 1 of 20 signed test pressings of the record.*

Lifeline is the phenomenal new album from RJ Thompson. Featuring the singles Kids, So Right, Forget About The Day and Act Of God. The physical versions of the album are all "deluxe" packages, each containing bonus tracks and deluxe artwork.

The Limited Edition ocean blue cassette (only 200 worldwide) features the 14 track album on Side A, 8 piano versions on Side B, plus a download code to download 7 remixes and a bonus track. Due to the physical size of the cassette, we were unable to include the full augmented reality features of the vinyl and CD, so we have developed a smaller AR experience that is exclusive to the cassette!

What is the AR Experience? - Lifeline is the world's first augmented reality enhanced Cassette that evolves with time. When you purchase the Cassette and download the accompanying IOS or Android app (phone or tablet), it comes to life. Use the free app to scan over the artwork and packaging to discover a unique AR experience that is tailored specifically to the size constraints of the Cassette, unlocking bonus content that changes over time. (Note: It should be noted that the AR Experience with the cassette is different and not as large as the Vinyl or CD versions, containing different bonus elements that are limited by the size of the physical cassette. For the full immersive experience we recommend purchasing the Vinyl, or one of the Vinyl bundles!)


Side A //

  1. Est. 1985
  2. Kids
  3. So Right
  4. Forget About The Day
  5. Ditto
  6. Let Your Guard Down
  7. Drop In The Ocean
  8. Act Of God
  9. Paved With Good Intentions
  10. Panic Stations
  11. Alter Ego
  12. Gold Ring
  13. Color Guard
  14. Lifeline

Side B //

  1. Lifeline (Piano Version)
  2. Let Your Guard Down (Piano Version)
  3. Drop In The Ocean (Piano Version)
  4. Kids (Piano Version)
  5. Forget About The Day (Piano Version)
  6. Alter Ego (Piano Version)
  7. So Right (Piano Version)
  8. Gold Ring (Piano Version)

Plus 7 remixes and a bonus track available with the download code.

Mixed by Grammy-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer, and mastered by Joe Laporta at Sterling Sound.

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